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Medical Devices

Through our partnership with global medical companies such as Avanos, GE, Braun and 3M we supply hospitals and other entities with quality medical devices and equipment.

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Infection Control

We offer a wide range of infection control products from a leading UK infection control company.

This item is among the best selling products we supply and is a real customer favorite. We suggest you check out our inventory to see if this product is available, or contact one of our representatives to make an order. We guarantee you won’t be able to find better quality elsewhere.

Product Portfolio: Our Products

Solutions for every setting!

Intermediq Health Solutions Limited with our extensive product offering supplies a wide variety of products for all of your needs. Our team works around the clock to guarantee your satisfaction and is available to help you make the best product decisions for whatever sort of budget you may be working with.

Our sales reps listen keenly to your challenges and requirements and recommend lasting solutions that fit your needs and budget. Do not hesitate to get in touch and learn more.


For Schools


Home care



Protect staff, students and families.

Improving surface hygiene is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of infection in schools. To achieve this, it is important to use proven products. Clinell Universal and AntiMicrobial wipes are proven effective against the actual COVID-19 virus on surfaces within 19-30 seconds of contact!

Protect Your Family and Home.

Clinell products are clinically proven to prevent infections by killing viruses and bacteria. Our hospital grade products are now available for personal use to help protect those who you care about the most.

Keep your workplace safe for staff and customers.

Combining innovative technology with ease of use, Clinell products provide professionals with the most effective infection control solutions available. Each product is supported and verified by solid clinical evidence and makes your workplace safe for staff and customers.

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Clinell Efficiency Against CoronaVirus

Our products have been tested and proven effective against coronavirus after 19-30 seconds of contact. Download our clinical evidence for more information.

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Universal wipes efficiency against COVID-19

Antimicrobial wipes efficency against covid-19

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